A Vintage Look at Sports

A Vintage Look at Sports

Iconic Historical Sporting Moments Caught on Film

The world of sports has provided us with plenty of thrills. Here are just a few vintage sports moments that have been immortalized on film.

1. First Stanley Cup, 1893

Stanley Cup first

The Montreal Hockey Club, sometimes referred to as Montreal AAA or simply the Montreals, was one of Canada’s first successful hockey clubs, active in several leagues throughout their almost 50-year existence. Here they are in 1893 after becoming the first team to win the Stanley Cup.

2. First Tour de France, 1903

The finish after the first Tour de France race in 1903. At the right is Maurice Garin, winner of the Tour de France. The race was actually conceived by a sports newspaper called “L’Auto” (the predecessor to the current French newspaper “L’Equipe”) in order to boost sales.

3. First Monaco Grand Prix, 1929

Monaco Grand Prix first, 1929

Here is British racing driver William Grover-Williams winning the first ever Monaco Grand Prix in his Bugatti Type 35B.

4. Harrow Cricket Team, 1869

Cricket team, Spencer Gore

The cricket match between Harrow School and Eton College is an annual tradition that dates back centuries, making it one of the longest-running sporting fixtures in the world. Here is the 1869 Harrow team. Of particular interest is Spencer Gore, first row, fourth from the left. He eventually switched from cricket to tennis and in 1877 won the first ever Wimbledon tournament.

5. Sheffield FC, 1857

Founded in 1857, Sheffield FC is recognized by FIFA as the oldest football club in the world. However, there are a few caveats to that moniker as there were older school football clubs at Cambridge and Trinity College.

6. First World Series, 1903

World Series first, 1903

Crowds are gathering at the Huntington Avenue Grounds in Boston for Game 3 of the first ever World Series between the Boston Americans of the American League and the Pittsburgh Pirates from the National League. Boston won five games to three.

7. First World Cup, 1930

World Cup first 1930

Here is Uruguay Striker Hector Castro scoring against Argentina in the first ever FIFA World Cup final in 1930. Uruguay won the match 4-2.

8. First Modern Olympic Games, 1896

Olympics wrestling 1896

The modern Olympics were brought back in 1896 and held at the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens. 43 events were scheduled in nine different sports. Here we have the wrestling finalists Carl Schuhmann from Germany and Georgios Tsitas from Greece. Schuhmann won the wrestling gold and became the most successful athlete at the inaugural games as he also competed for the German gymnastics team. He won three additional gold medals for team parallel bars, team horizontal bar and single vault.

9. Olympics Tug of War, 1912

Olympics tug of war, 1912

Tug of war is one of many discontinued events that used to be featured at the Olympics. The contest at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm featured only one match as just two teams entered the competition: Sweden and England. Sweden won.

10. Fight of the Century, 1910

Jack Johnson boxing, 1910

In 1910, former world heavyweight boxing champion James J. Jeffries came out of retirement to fight current champion Jack Johnson. As the first African-American champion, Johnson had many critics who wanted to see him defeated at the hands of a white man and the match was billed as the “Fight of the Century”. Johnson won definitively by knocking Jeffries down twice before his corner threw in the towel to avoid his first ever knockout.